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                      1. Metal Fabrication Equipment


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                        NEW EQUIPMENT

                        ADDITIVE PRODUCTION SYSTEMS
                        TRUMPF TruPrint
                        ANGLE LINES
                        Ocean Clipper
                        Peddinghaus Anglemaster
                        ANGLE ROLLS
                        Ercolina angle rolls
                        BAND SAWS
                        Cosen band saws
                        Marvel/Spartan band saws
                        Ocean Terminator band saws

                        Peddinghaus band saws
                        Scotchman band saws
                        BEAM COPING MACHINES
                        Ocean Liberator
                        Peddinghaus PeddiBot & Coper
                        BEAM DRILL LINES
                        Ocean Avenger Drill Line
                        Peddinghaus Drill Line
                        COLD SAWS
                        Kaltenbach cold saws
                        Marvel/Spartan cold saws
                        Scotchman cold saws
                        CNC PUNCHING MACHINES
                        TRUMPF CNC punching machines
                        DEBURRING / GRINDING MACHINES
                        Steelmaster wet and dry deburring
                        Ocean Shot Blaster
                        Lissmac parts finishing

                        Giant Finishing vibratory machines
                        DRILLING / TAPPING MACHINES
                        FlexArm tapping
                        FlexDrill CNC
                        TRUMPF panel folding machines
                        HYDRAULIC STAMPING PRESSES
                        Pacific Press
                        Standard Industrial Press
                        Peddinghaus ironworkers
                        Scotchman ironworkers
                        Sunrise ironworkers
                        LASER CUTTING SYSTEMS
                        TRUMPF lasers
                        Nitrogen generation systems
                        LASER MARKING SYSTEMS
                        TRUMPF TruMark
                        LEVELING MACHINES
                        MATERIAL HANDLING
                        Ocean conveyors and Flippers
                        MEASURING SYSTEMS
                        MISCELLANEOUS SHOP TOOLS

                        Boschert notchers
                        PIPE NOTCHER/GRINDER
                        Ercolina pipe and tube notchers
                        Scotchman tube and pipe notchers
                        PLASMA AND OXYFUEL CUTTING
                        Messer plasma & oxyfuel cutting
                        Peddinghaus plate processing
                        PLATE ROLLING
                        Lemas plate rolls
                        POWER TOOLS
                        TRUMPF power tools

                        PRESS BRAKES
                        TRUMPF press brakes
                        Standard Industrial Press
                        Pacific press brakes
                        TRUMPF panel folding machines
                        PRESS BRAKE TOOLING
                        Conventional tooling
                        TRUMPF tooling
                        Wila tooling
                        ROBOTIC WELDING SYSTEMS
                        TRUMPF robotic welding

                        Pacific shears
                        Standard Industrial Press
                        TUBE BENDERS
                        Ercolina tube benders
                        TECHNI waterjets

                        Icon Machine Tool is a full-line distributor of metal fabrication equipment. We specialize in machinery for precision sheet metal, structural steel, and ornamental iron, for both job shops and manufacturers.

                        Our products include laser cutting systems, CNC press brakes, CNC punching machines, folding machines, shears, waterjets, ironworkers, band and cold saws, deburring machines, beam and drill lines, press brake tooling, stamping presses, tube bending and notching, plasma and oxyfuel cutting systems, and insertion machines.

                        We invite you to visit TRUMPF's Smart Factory in Chicago, IL. Explore how TruConnect and automation can help your business.

                        Click the supplier logo below to view their products.


                        Our primary focus is Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas, eastern Iowa, Washington and Oregon. Please call or e-mail us regarding your metal fabricating machinery needs!

                        Thank you for visiting our website!

                        Copyright 2001-2020. Updated 4/6/2020

                        Thank you for attending!
                        Ace Bounce

                        Scotchman's #1 Dealer Award - 2019

                        FlexArm 30 Day Trial


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                        TRUMPF history video

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                        TRUMPF Fiber
                        Lasers -
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                        PHONE NUMBER              FAX
                        SERVING THE FOLLOWING AREAS
                        Corporate Office - Accounting/Parts
                        314-488-9115                866-457-2103
                        Supporting all Midwest states
                        Used Machine Tool Sales
                        Supporting the entire U.S.
                        Eastern Missouri, Southern Illinois
                        St. Louis, Jefferson City, Cape Girardeau, Lebanon, Peoria, Alton
                        Western Missouri, Kansas
                        Kansas City, Sedalia, St. Joseph, Independence, Liberty
                        Iowa, Nebraska
                        DesMoines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Lincoln, Omaha
                        Western Missouri, Kansas
                        Kansas City, Joplin, Wichita, Lenexa, Topeka, Salina
                        Chicago/Northern Illinois
                        Schaumburg, Rockford, Aurora, Joliet, DeKalb, Streator
                        Chicago/Northern Indiana
                        Moline, Peoria, Champaign, Quad Cities, Bloomington, Valparaiso
                        Arkansas, Southwest Missouri
                        Little Rock, Fort Smith, El Dorado, Jonesboro, Batesville, Springfield
                        Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Ponca City. Lawton, Dallas, Broken Arrow
                        Washington, Oregon 360-434-8844 Seattle, Olympia, Spokane, Vancouver, Portland, Salem


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