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                              1. Metal Fabrication Equipment

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                                NEW EQUIPMENT

                                ADDITIVE PRODUCTION SYSTEMS
                                TRUMPF TruPrint
                                ANGLE LINES
                                Ocean Clipper
                                Peddinghaus Anglemaster
                                ANGLE ROLLS
                                Ercolina angle rolls
                                BAND SAWS
                                Cosen band saws
                                Marvel/Spartan band saws
                                Ocean Terminator band saws

                                Peddinghaus band saws
                                Scotchman band saws
                                BEAM COPING MACHINES
                                Ocean Liberator
                                Peddinghaus PeddiBot & Coper
                                BEAM DRILL LINES
                                Ocean Avenger Drill Line
                                Peddinghaus Drill Line
                                COLD SAWS
                                Kaltenbach cold saws
                                Marvel/Spartan cold saws
                                Scotchman cold saws
                                CNC PUNCHING MACHINES
                                TRUMPF CNC punching machines
                                DEBURRING / GRINDING MACHINES
                                Steelmaster wet and dry deburring
                                Ocean Shot Blaster
                                Lissmac parts finishing

                                Giant Finishing vibratory machines
                                DRILLING / TAPPING MACHINES
                                FlexArm tapping
                                FlexDrill CNC
                                TRUMPF panel folding machines
                                HYDRAULIC STAMPING PRESSES
                                Pacific Press
                                Standard Industrial Press
                                Peddinghaus ironworkers
                                Scotchman ironworkers
                                Sunrise ironworkers
                                LASER CUTTING SYSTEMS
                                TRUMPF lasers
                                Nitrogen generation systems
                                LASER MARKING SYSTEMS
                                TRUMPF TruMark
                                LEVELING MACHINES
                                MATERIAL HANDLING
                                Ocean conveyors and Flippers
                                MEASURING SYSTEMS
                                MISCELLANEOUS SHOP TOOLS

                                Boschert notchers
                                PIPE NOTCHER/GRINDER
                                Ercolina pipe and tube notchers
                                Scotchman tube and pipe notchers
                                PLASMA AND OXYFUEL CUTTING
                                Messer plasma & oxyfuel cutting
                                Peddinghaus plate processing
                                PLATE ROLLING
                                Lemas plate rolls
                                Faccin bending rolls
                                POWER TOOLS
                                TRUMPF power tools

                                PRESS BRAKES
                                TRUMPF press brakes
                                Standard Industrial Press
                                Pacific press brakes
                                TRUMPF panel folding machines
                                PRESS BRAKE TOOLING
                                Conventional tooling
                                TRUMPF tooling
                                Wila tooling
                                ROBOTIC WELDING SYSTEMS
                                TRUMPF robotic welding

                                Pacific shears
                                Standard Industrial Press
                                TUBE BENDERS
                                Ercolina tube benders
                                TECHNI waterjets

                                TRUMPF FIBER LASER MACHINES

                                2D CO2 Lasers | 2D Fiber Lasers | 3D Lasers | Laser Welding | Laser Marking | Laser Automation | Tube | Punch-Laser Combo | Punching

                                Metal fabricators have trusted TRUMPF as the leader in machine tool and laser technology since 1923. TRUMPF is the only laser supplier that offers TruDisk fiber lasers, CO2 Coax resonators, and the industry standard TRUMPF TruFlow RF resonator. TRUMPF is truly the trusted source when you want to compare fiber with CO2 resonators. Since TRUMPF is the only builder that builds all three technologies, we truly can look at your application and give you the advice to help you determine which resonator style is right for your application. TRUMPF first started with one micron cutting in 1995. Today they have the largest install base of 2D cutting machines worldwide. TRUMPF also has the largest service, tech support, applications, and parts departments to back up your machine for years of solid service. Buy your new technology from a name you know and trust.

                                BrightLine fiber - Truly the breakthrough in solid state fiber delivered laser cutting!

                                Groundbreaking innovations in 2D laser cutting

                                With the new BrightLine fiber option, the TruLaser 5030 fiber / 5040 fiber can process parts from thick to thin sheet metal with extremely good edge quality. With thickness up to one inch on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The Disk resonator is the best choice for highly reflective materials. Now you can you process everything on the same machine.

                                What is BrightLine fiber?

                                With typical fiber delivered lasers, the beam size is half that of a CO2. While this is great for cutting thin material, in thick material the expulsion of the molten material is difficult in this small kerf. This is the reason that most fiber delivered lasers struggle with thicker materials and why the edge quality is worse in thicker materials. With BrightLine fiber, which is only available on a TRUMPF laser, there’s the ability to change the beam size from a small beam to a larger beam. Not only is the edge quality better than any fiber delivered laser we 利升棋牌have seen, but also thicker parts can be removed from the nest with ease.


                                • Higher quality edge – cut mild steel, stainless, and aluminum up to one inch thick using the wider beam, thus allowing the molten material to quickly escape the gap.
                                • Higher processing speeds – achieve much higher processing speeds than ever before, if you are cutting with nitrogen you must witness this remarkable speed.
                                • Small hole processing – small holes that would previously have to be drilled are now easily laser cut
                                • Higher piercing quality – since much less material is removed, there is much less splatter
                                • Easier removal of parts – with a wider beam and smoother edge quality, parts can be more easily removed from the scrap skeleton
                                Achieve high quality results in thick sheet metal with the BrightLine Fiber option! BrightLine fiber option cuts thick sheets

                                TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 Fiber and TruLaser 1040 Fiber

                                This low investment and operator cost is first-class quality for TRUMPF. This machine has a robust design and power that will last for many years. It is also easy to auomate or connect to other machines.

                                Click for more information.


                                TRUMPF TruLaser 2030 Fiber

                                利升棋牌The TruLaser 2030 fiber has been very successful in the industry. This machine is built in the USA in Farmington, CT and has all the features most fabricators are seeking. This fast, fiber-delivered laser is a side-load machine which means its footprint is very shop floor friendly. The TruLaser 2030 fiber has six different automation options to fit into most applications. The laser source, which is built by TRUMPF, is the most stable and easy to maintain laser on the market today. No worries about back reflection or fiber issues. The more you learn about fiber-delivered lasers the more you will see the TRUMPF TruDisk advantages.

                                TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 Fiber and TruLaser 3040 Fiber

                                TRUMPF’s TruLaser 3000 series solid-state fiber laser cutting machines offer flexible processing across a wide range of material types and thicknesses. With 4000 watt disk fiber delivered resonator, the laser can cut up to 3/4-in. mild steel, 5/8-in. stainless steel and aluminum, and 1/4-in. copper and brass. It is suitable for contract manufacturers looking to cut thin sheet metal, mild steel in all sheet thicknesses, or nonferrous or highly reflective metals, or for production volumes served by a single machine. In addition, 4000 watt and 6000 watt resonators are available. Match that with the Brightline technology for the best ultimate cutting machine. Be sure to understand the advantages of BrightLine technology as you compare lasers, it's a must-have feature. See more BrightLine information.

                                Designed to be simple and easy to use, the machine is operated from an ergonomic swiveling operator console. Its universal single cutting head can process all sheet thicknesses, eliminating the need to change processing heads between applications. The enclosed frame ensures that no laser light escapes, yet the large certified safety windows allow the processing area to be clearly visible at all times.

                                TRUMPF TruLaser 3060 Fiber

                                Do you need to cut large sheets? The TruLaser 3060 fiber is the answer. This machine boasts a cutting area of 240" x 100" with a dual pallet changer. While the 4000 watt resonator is standard, we also offer this machine with 6000 watt and 8000 watt disk fibers. Be sure to understand the advantages of BrightLine technology as you compare lasers, it's a must-have feature. See more BrightLine information.

                                This machine is packed full of features and available options for the company that processes larger format sheets:

                                • Brightline fiber
                                • Multiple sheet processing
                                • Coolline
                                • Dot matrix code laser marking
                                • Smart collision protection
                                • Drop and cut feature for remnant processing
                                • Nozzle changer

                                TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 Fiber, TruLaser 5040 Fiber and TruLaser 5060 Fiber

                                The TRUMPF TruLaser 5000 series fiber lasers are available in 10000 watt. This is not your normal fiber laser cutting machine. TRUMPF has teamed up their proven TruDisk Fiber Laser with the improved TruLaser 5030, 5040 and 5060 to provide unmatched cutting in thinner materials. The TruDisk fiber lasers offer the ultimate in reliability, serviceability, and the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Not all fiber lasers are created equally. The 5000 series fiber cutting machines were specifically designed for the high speed cutting dynamics that the TruDisk fiber laser resonator offers, but also incorporate the utmost safety enclosures to ensure a safe environment for operators. Be sure to understand the advantages of BrightLine technology as you compare lasers, it's a must-have feature. See more BrightLine information.

                                利升棋牌While other laser manufacturers are just now getting into the fiber laser cutting for metal, TRUMPF has an install base going back to 1995. TRUMPF is also the only laser manufacturer who not only builds their own machine, but also the resonator. TRUMPF is a true single source supplier.

                                利升棋牌 Is fiber laser cutting right for you? Give us a call, we will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of fiber laser cutting.



                                Download whitepaper "Which laser for which cut". This document describes CO2 vs. disk fiber vs. coax resonators.


                                利升棋牌Watch a video of the TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 Fiber


                                Icon Machine Tool is proud to distribute TRUMPF's complete line of metal fabrication equipment throughout Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Washington and Oregon.








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